South Western Counties Golf Association

South Western Counties Golf Association


NAME - The Association shall be called the “South Western Counties Golf Association”

OBJECTS - The objects of the Association shall be:

To further the interests of amateur golf in the South Western Counties

To assist and co-operate with England Golf

To assist counties within the Association

To arrange meetings, championships and matches to further the above objects.


Membership shall be restricted to the following counties: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.


The management and control of the Association shall be vested in the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Association and one representative from each Member County.

OFFICERS:  The Officers of the Association shall be:

The President and Vice-President, who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), in March, for a term of one year, having been nominated for office by his County Union (as per the rota attached).  The President will be the Chairman of all meetings The Secretary/Treasurer, appointed by the Committee  


Each Member County shall have one vote at any meeting of the Committee. The Officers shall have no vote.    For any vote to be carried there must be a two thirds majority from the six members.


There shall be two general meetings per annum, one in March along with the AGM, and one in November, on such dates and at such venues as the Committee shall decide. Additional meetings shall be called as required by the Committee or upon the written request of any County Union. The Secretary shall give 28 days’ notice of any meeting to the Committee and provide an agenda. The Chairman will preside at all meetings and in his absence the Vice- President will take the Chair, at least one representative of each of four Member Counties shall form a quorum at all meetings. The Committee may co-opt as required. The Committee may invite the Captain (see below) and/or the England Regional Coaching Manager - South West to attend.  The Annual General Meeting may be attended by the SWCGA Executive, Past Presidents and any current member of a Member Counties Executive.

FINANCE- The financial year shall end on 31 December each year. The annual subscription of the member counties shall be determined at the AGM in March and shall be payable on 1 April. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep proper books of account and bank accounts for the Association and will produce a statement of account at each AGM or at any other time required by the Committee; he shall deliver the books to an independent person or reporting accountant for review.


The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the general administration of the Association as directed by the Committee; he shall be responsible for the taking of minutes of proceedings; he shall have power to deal with normal routine matters on his own initiative; ensure that the Chairman is informed of any relevant matter; he shall be responsible for the administration of championships as directed by the Committee; he shall ensure payment is made of insurance premiums.  He shall be entitled to claim expenses at a rate agreed with the Committee; he shall receive an annual honorarium in the sum decided by the Committee.


A Captain shall be elected at the AGM to select and lead the SWCGA team in matches against other regions. Each County will nominate a SW Captain in rotation which from 2019 will be Gloucestershire, Dorset, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Devon and Somerset.


Each Member County will be responsible for nominating a President and venue for Championship Week in rotation which from 2019 will be as follows:  Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Wiltshire.


The Committee may propose and amend the Constitution at any meeting of which at least 28 days’ notice has been given by the Secretary, subject to any amendment gaining the necessary majority as required under paragraph titled Voting above.


In the event that the Committee vote for dissolution of the Association the Committee shall realise the assets of the Association, discharge liabilities, distribute all proceeds equally between the six member counties.

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